OrthoTiN TMJ Manufacturing Protocol


Case Visualization:

  • Conduct 3D segmentation of patient data

  • Submit images for surgeon's review and surgical planning

  • Prepare 3D printed Biomodel for surgical reference and device verification


Implant Design:

  • Design Fossa and Ramus Component to fit patient anatomy

  • Verification of placement, occlusion, screw positioning, and patient specific requirements

  • Surgeon review via video conference

  • Implement surgeon feedback into final design

FOSSA 3-1.jpg

Implant Manufacturing:

  • 5-axis milling from solid Ti6Al4V

  • Fitting of the implants to biomodel

  • Pre-coat polishing

  • C-TiN-C ceramic coating

  • Post-coat polishing

  • Final inspection and prosthesis assembly verification with biomodel

  • 10 days TMJ manufacturing lead time